Author: Dan Brown

Everyone knows Dan Brown as the author who wrote the controversial semi-religious thriller, The Da Vinci Code. And as intriguing as it was, what about his other books? Angels and Demons the prequel to his famous book cum movie is probably the second best known.
Regardless of the popularity of these books, I found myself enjoying one of his other books the most.
The title is Deception Point and it combines believable futuristic technology with a remarkable ‘keep you on your toes’ storyline. As well researched as his other books I would definitely recommend it for an afternoon (or evening… morning… late night…) read.

The only thing I’d say to him is he really needs to get another book out there, as it is getting harder and harder to find good, well written books that I haven’t yet read.

Common Danny Boy! Don’t disappoint the fans!


MERCURY said...

Dan Brown is the author that Shyamalan is a film maker. I've read Deception Point, and personally I find it to be better then The Da Vinci code. Possibly because it didn't drag on in the middle or possible because it was more along my niche.

Theriaka said...

Mm agreed, though I liked Digital Fortress as well...